A busy drupal.org weekend

The holiday weekend provided us with the time to whip up some Drupal.org goodness. Herre are a few of the things that are going on this weekend:

  • Pat committed the Ranch theme. The theme, which is very similar to the theme we use here, is simple and clean. Best of all it comes out of the box with valid markup and css and seems to look good in a wide variety of browsers
  • In addition to committing the theme Pat did a great write-up on the dance with CVS on drupal.org which describes the process of committing a theme to drupal.org from the perspective of a new committer. He then worked the write-up some more and turned the prose into a handbook page at drupal.org to help others along with the same process.
  • Meanwhile Dan whipped up the Drupal 6 Forum Thread module which marks the first version of the module for Drupal 6
  • And we gathered up several contributed patches for the Light Fantastic theme. The changes should make the module work better with Drupal's CSS aggregation as well as bring it into compliance with the needs to have better tracking of the files for folks using CVS.

All and all not too bad for the first half of a long weekend.