Forum Thread and Light Fantastic project releases

With a few more patches and fixes tonight the Light Fantastic theme and Forum Thread module have official releases. Several bugs have been fixed in each release since the beta.

Light Fantastic

Light Fantastic is a Drupal 6 theme that started as Google Summer of Code project last summer. It is a nice flexible theme that is easy to customize. It could be enhanced to have more flexibility from the administrative interface (like being able to set the width from the admin interface) but those patches will be for version 2 of the theme.

Forum Thread

Forum Thread is a module for Drupal 6 (and Drupal 5) that presents Drupal's standard forum in a classic threaded view. It also provides hooks so that with a little bit of CSS site admins can easily add collapsible threads to their forums. This can be really nice for displaying large forums with lots of comments and still being able to follow what is being said on the page.

The release version fixes some bugs in the betas including block naming in Drupal 6 and proper display of dates in both Drupal 5 and Drupal 6.

Both Light Fantastic and Forum Thread can be seen in action here.